019 Lai


019 Lai

  • Description

    javanese vetivert - twin jasmine - vanilla & tonka bean - wild peppercorns


    A song to awaken deep feeling, Lai is double entendres and warm nights in a modern floral. An entwining of twos, twin jasmine wraps around a seductive javanese vetiver. Softened by a sweet drydown of tonka & vanilla beans & peaking with a gasp of citrus & wild pepper.


    Scent: modern floral, jasmine, rich


    Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, 100% natural botantical fragrance.





Additional notes

Our botanical, 100% natural oil-based perfume samples come in amber glass vials, full size 7ml perfumes come in violet glass.

Store out of direct sunlight. Best used within 6 months of purchase. Although diluted, some people, especially those with sensitivities, may react to certain natural extracts, so it is best to patch test before using any of our perfumes. If you are pregnant it is advisable to use some botanical oils with caution. Ask your natural health practioner, midwife or qualified aromatherapist for more information and advice.