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about juniper

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Juniper Perfumes are carefully crafted botanical fragrances that invite you to experience a more subtle, intimate relationship with scent, the natural world and your own body. We use only the highest quality natural and organic materials & endeavour to source sustainably & ethically.  


We acknowledge the privilege it is to be able to co-create with nature - celebrating the beauty that can be shared in the creation and application of perfumes. 


It is our belief and understanding, that when used consciously, your perfumes can be used to bring more ritual, alertness and connection to Self & nature. 




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about amy rivers, maker at juniper

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Juniper began in 2016,  when after discovering a natural perfume brand overseas, Amy became deeply interested in the subtle magic and stories of fragrance. Her first experiments soon led to the creation of her first scent, Aurele. She fell in love with the way perfumery becomes the weaving of nature, science, art & alchemy. 


In early 2021 she left her jobs as a sourdough baker & part-time copywriter in order to invest more time and energy into Juniper. With the unpredictable nature of current events, it seemed even more important to build a more soul-driven, resilient lifestyle.


“I like to think of perfumes as art, and myself an olfactory artist. Each is an expression of a moment, or collection of memories; a recipe for one or many spaces & times. They are maps, atmospheres, feelings. They are olfactory poems. And what's magic, is that they lead each nose, each heart somewhere unique. 

I work slowly, consciously & organically with nature. My intention is to create high quality perfumes & fragrant products that are sustainable luxuries — made without cruelty, synthetics, parabens, or phthalates. I make each small batch with care at my home on a lush shoulder of land between Mt. Karioi & the Tasman Sea. 

I hope you find something of beauty in my work & that these scents might lead you somewhere wonderful.”


Perfume is a luxury. Our ingredients come from plants grown across the globe, collected by our suppliers and then shipped to us. Therefore our sourcing process is deliberate and thoughtful, to reduce unnecessary shipments & shipping distances where possible. 

It is important to us to find the best quality ingredients from sources that have a solid reputation for their prioritisation of sustainable, organic, and ethical ingredients, processes and grower relationships. We are confident in our suppliers, their passion and transparency. 

Our business is small at present, but we are enthusiastic about creating direct relationships with artisan and small-scale producers in the future.

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