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Juniper Perfumes are hand-crafted using the highest quality botanical extracts & organic golden jojoba oil. They are made using traditional and self-taught methods, then blended, bottled and aged here in Raglan, New Zealand. Perfume oils invite you to experience a more subtle, intimate relationship with scent, the natural world and your own body. My hope is that the wearer cultivates an appreciation and reverence for the beauty that not only surrounds us, but exists within.

I started experimenting with making natural perfume after finding some for sale in Cornwall. I was intrigued - what skills are required to blend fragrances of nature? What is possible? Can I capture the scent of honeysuckle at dusk so that I might remember this place, the sound of my Mum laughing, the sun over the ocean... 

After returning to New Zealand I dove into a search to answer all my questions. I found, the art of natural perfumery is the perfect balance of science, creativity, magic & botany. I'm still working on answering all my questions.

I like to think of perfumes as art, and myself an olfactory artist. Each is an expression of a moment, or collection of memories; a recipe for one or many spaces & times. They are maps, atmospheres, feelings. They are olfactory poems. And what's magic, is that they lead each nose, each heart somewhere unique. 


I work slowly, consciously & organically with nature. My intention is to create high quality perfumes that are sustainable (though I acknowledge perfumes are luxuries), and that are made without cruelty, synthetics, parabens, or phthalates. I make each small batch with care, at my home on a lush shoulder of land between Mt. Karioi & the Tasman Sea. 


I hope you find something of beauty in my work & that these scents might lead you somewhere wonderful. 

Maker of Juniper Perfume