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Lavender Hydrosol



Made with organic lavender harvested from the Juniper gardens and steam distilled using a traditional copper alembic. 


Hydrosols are versatile - our favourites for this Lavender Hydrosol are;


  • as a soothing facial toner for all skin types
  • as pillow spray to invite a gentle sleep 
  • to create relaxing spaces

Comes in a 50ml glass spray bottle.

Learn more about hydrosols here.

Lavender Hydrosol


    Additional notes

    Our botanical, 100% natural oil-based perfume samples come in amber glass vials, full size 7ml perfumes come in violet glass.

    Store out of direct sunlight. Best used within 6 months of purchase. Although diluted, some people, especially those with sensitivities, may react to certain natural extracts, so it is best to patch test before using any of our perfumes & products. If you are pregnant it is advisable to use some botanical oils with caution. Ask your natural health practioner, midwife or qualified aromatherapist for more information and advice. 

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