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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Hi, my name is Amy and I am the creator of Juniper Perfumes.

I've always loved paying attention to the little things, the subtle aspects of nature, the patterns and movements, the scents, colours and sounds of life. I guess that's how I ended up here.

Originally from England, I found myself travelling around the world after graduating University in London. I wanted to sense other places, meet new and interesting cultures, learn, hear, taste other parts of the world.

I came to New Zealand early on in my trip, and fell in love with the little oceanside town of Raglan. Aside from a tumultuous love affair with the sea, I also met a man and decided to stay. I moved to a small off-grid bach, out in the countryside, planted a garden and set some roots.

Being in a rural location and living in a simple, natural way, my appreciation for nature bloomed, and my understanding of Self developed. I felt inspired, truly inspired to live a healthy, creative life close to the land, with the ocean and earth in mind.

I started playing with the little elements of nature. I learnt how to combine and make things with them; foods, cosmetics, drinks, medicine, decorations, jewellery - things that could be gifted, things to be treasured. It's been two years now since I first started making perfumes. For me it is the perfect blend of creativity, science, beauty and discovery - all inspired by nature.

I am not a trained perfumer. My approach to perfume making is much like my approach to all other artistic endeavours. I simply follow my curiosity and my senses, researching, experimenting, practicing and sharing. It is an ongoing journey, of which I am still close to the beginning.

So hopefully you will find your own value in my blends. Something that reminds you of the natural world, the small intricate elements, the beauty that is in everything, all around us to be treasured.


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