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Artio: The Last Three Bottles

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Our limited edition Artio scent has been a popular summer favourite. With it's sweet, boozy heart and natural woody base I've found it suits both men and women.

Artio is the name of the Celtic Bear Goddess, who symbolises abundance, wildness and transformation. I thought this name perfect, as the natural blackcurrant at the centre of this fragrance reminds me of the woods, of the discovery of wild berries in the summer, of the sound of bare feet padding the earth, and the strength of towering tree trunks, which extend from earth to sky in an organic structure that seems to hold us secure, protected against the elements. How things can change in the woods!

I decided to work with lots of gourmand oisl or 'edibles' for this perfume, including vanilla, cardamom and yuzu. The spices add a roundness, whilst the yuzu brings depth and edge to the blackcurrant that I can't help but feel offers a delicious layer, furthering the concept of wild abundance. So much joy, so much sweetness can be found in plucking ripe fruit, in the acquisition of a spice so fine.

If you'd like to sample Artio, we have a few tiny vials left to order. And if it is indeed a scent you fall in love with, we are down to our last three violet-glass bottles.

Happy New Year!


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