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And so it begins...

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

It's a windy day, the leaves twirling and twittering with the birds in the gusts.

The wind always effects my mood, either bringing an agitation or a quiet reverence. It's the latter this afternoon, as I make the final touches to this website and reflect on the process.

Making perfume, blending, mixing, capturing - this is a sensuous experience, creative and intuitive, and something that makes my heart sing. Working online, and putting together a website - well, let's just say this is a more linear, step by step building process that require patience, stillness and a different kind of attention.

Now that it is nearly ready, it's hard to imagine that anyone, anywhere in the world, with internet access can view it, can read these words, and even purchase something I have made.

Looking forward to what happens next...


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