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A message from Amy, creator of Juniper

There is something magical about perfume.

It could be the way scent can conjure up beautiful memories, taking you back in time to other places, to feelings now passed.

It could be that to make one perfume, thousands of blooms, seeds, sticks, leaves are carefully selected, collected and pressed or held or warmed for their unique aroma.

That then these extracts, in tiny bottles from all corners of the globe meet, in the hands of one person, who slowly combines them, marrying them into other tiny bottles, adding droplets, waiting for them to merge and become something entirely new.

I feel it is such a gift, to be able to wear elements of nature - the ephemeral opening of a flower, the golden resin of a tree. Making perfume is co-creating with the most tiny, subtle parts of nature, to offer something in which others recognise beauty and that brings them joy.

I hope that those who wear these perfumes, expand their gratitude for this beautiful world, and continue to protect our home.

Juniper Perfume was named after my very first home, Juniper Road.

With love,



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