Botanical Perfume Oils 

Made with high quality fragrant materials gathered from sustainable, reputable sources & organic golden jojoba oil, Juniper Perfumes linger close to the skin, for an intimate, natural scent. 


decadence in a timeless dance with nature's fragrant famous and a powder room of rich sultry florals 

inspired by: tradition, bohemia, velvet curtains, Cheek to Cheek by Ella & Louis

scent profile: rich, slightly powdered & luxurious florals

key notes:

amber / jasmine / neroli / ylang yang

Image by Jasmin Egger

037 ELK

resilience of the open wild captured in rich resins, moss and wind 

inspired by: my great grandfather's buro, gentle giants, open spaces, my husband

scent profile: sweet hay, mossy-animalic, soft woods

key notes:

chypre / tree moss / tobacco /  lavender absolute

Man in a Field


a woodland, a basket of berries, warm spices on the skin of a wild woman, bare feet on soft earth

inspired by: celtic goddess Artio, Women who run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, english brambles on misty mornings

scent profile: thick berry, woods and warm spices 

key notes:

cedar / purple berries / cardamom /  green cognac 

Frozen Berries

042 LYRA


new places and bright sweet florals, energising citrus and fresh salt air  

inspired by: white dresses, balinese offerings, citrus peel, cut grass, homemade lemonade

scent profile: a light & lovely citrus sweet floral 

key notes

citrus / white lotus / lavender / violet leaf


the pine forest at dusk, bigger picture thinking, quiet spaciousness & bonfires alone.

inspired by: starlight, home, Herman Hessesolo wanderings, childhood dens

scent profile: smoky woods with a slip of lemon 

key notes

wood smoke / pine /  juniper berry

Foggy Forest

019 LAI

night blooms wrapped around smoke, peaking with a gasp of spiced mandarin 

inspired by: moon light, dancing, cream silk, portuguese love songs, double entendres

scent profile: modern floral, smoked jasmine 

key notes
twin jasmine / javanese vetiver / wild peppercorns / tonka & vanilla beans

Half Full Moon

023 COA

coffee, cacao, salt spray and earth in ritual with the rising sun, surya namaskar and a tendril of precious smoke. 


inspired by: rituals, Italian coffee, beach walks, ink pens, yoga practice 


scent profile: bittersweet gourmand with a smooth, sweet dry down


key notes

roast coffee / palo santo / salt air / dark chocolate