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  • How is Juniper different?
    Juniper Perfumes are carefully selected blends of natural essential oils, botanical extracts and absolutes in a Jojoba Oil carrier. We choose organic golden jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) as it closely resembles the skins natural sebum and has known longevity. We don’t use synthetic fragrance, preservatives or fixatives, firstly because we believe in natural products being better for our bodies, and secondly because we don’t think you need to! Nature provides the most sensational, subtle fragrances with which to create a myriad of unique blends.
  • How can I sample your perfume?
    While we don’t have a physical store, you’ll find samples of all our perfumes available to order on the website. Otherwise, sign up for email updates, and perhaps we'll be at a market or store near you soon. Or you can pop in and try our perfumes at our two Raglan stockists, MADE Gallery and Raglan iHub.
  • Are your perfumes organic?
    All of our perfumes are made of at least 60% certified organic materials. As we grow, we aim to increase that percentage as we discover more organic sources.
  • My Juniper perfume doesn't last as long as other perfumes I have used. Why?
    As our perfumes are oil based and 100% natural, you might notice that they are not as potent or long lasting as commercial perfumes you can buy. Sometimes commercial perfumes can be so overpowering, and we believe subtlety is beautiful. When it comes to long lasting, we craft our blends so that they last between 4-12 hours, depending on your skin type and which perfume you choose. During this time the top notes fade and you’ll notice your perfume transform as the base notes emerge. Of course you can always re-apply and layer your scents to meet your personal preferences.
  • Can I buy Juniper Perfume in stores?
    We have two local stockists in Raglan: MADE Gallery - Bow Street, Raglan. iHub Raglan - 15 Wainui Road You can also usually find us at the Raglan Creative Market, each second Sunday of the month. Or you can buy Juniper Perfume online at our website If you are new to Juniper, you can order sample sizes of the perfumes you are most attracted to.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    International shipping is available for a flat rate of $20. Delivery times vary, depending on your location.
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