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Hand-crafted botanical scents that celebrate the natural world and our belonging within it- our natural perfumes are olfactory poems inspired by object, place, art & feeling. 

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Co- created with nature

Made using the highest quality botanical essences; essential oils, resins, absolutes, key accords, co2 extracts & tinctures from ethical sources. We recognise the privilege it is to co-create with nature and wish to do so consciously & sustainably. 

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Natural Perfume Oils to experience a more subtle, intimate relationship with scent, the natural world and your own body.


rose, rose perfume, flowers, nature, natural perfume, botanical oil, essential oil

003 Aurélé

decadence in a timeless dance with nature's fragrant famous and a powder room of rich sultry florals 


profile: rich, slightly powdered & luxurious florals

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key notes: 

amber / jasmine / neroli / ylang yang

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037 Elk

resilience of the open wild captured in rich resins, moss and wind 


profile: sweet hay, mossy-animalic, soft woods

natural perfume, natural fragrance, hand-crafted, natural scent, perfume, chypre, woods perfume, mans perfume

key notes: 

chypre / tree moss / tobacco /  lavender absolute

natural perfume, natural fragrance, artisan perfume, hand-crafted fragrance, violet-glass

042 Lyra

new places and bright sweet florals, energising citrus and fresh salt air  

profile: a light & lovely citrus sweet floral 


citrus perfume, organic perfume, natural perfume, summer perfume, fragrance, sweet scent

key notes: citrus / white lotus / lavender / violet leaf

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Limited Edition

Throughout the year we release limited edition micro-batches of natural perfumes. 

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Key notes:

roast coffee / palo santo / salt air / dark chocolate

Samples & discovery

Samples and sample sets make perfect gifts for fellow scent lovers, & are a  lovely way to trial fragrances before you purchase a larger size. All perfume sample sets come with a discount redeemable on a subsequent purchase of a full size perfume. 

Shop Samples & Sample Sets here.

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Artisan Hydrosols

Seeking more ways to create fragrant products from the Juniper gardens and abundant surrounding land has lead to in-house distillations of high-quality artisan hydrosols and some essential oils. As our gardens grow, we hope to produce more ingredients for our perfumes, along with expanding our seed-to-bottle offerings.

Shop seasonal Artisan Hydrosols here.

Learn more about distillation here.

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